Fudge Packaging Changes For Summer Heat

Fudge Packaging Changes For Summer Heat

We had absolutely no idea just how finnicky fudge can be until we started running a fudge-making company. We would settle on a recipe only to find out that changes in humidity and outdoor temperatures could have a big impact on the final product. We know better now, adapting our recipes depending on the weather, and have developed a true appreciation for the science and precision that goes in to fudge making!

Part of that ever-evolving process has come to include adjustments in our packaging to deal with the summer heat. Over the past few months we've heard from a number of customers that the fudge was getting very soft in hot weather. That's not a huge surprise or problem typically - mailboxes can get over 130 degrees in summer heat, well above the temperature we bring our fudge to when cutting and handling it. Of course we always want to make sure we're delivering the absolute best experience possible with our products, so we immediately started looking for solutions.

Even though our eco-friendly cardboard boxes are coated and grease proof, it's become clear that the only surefire way to make sure that our fudge reaches everyone's home in the same great condition that it left our farm is to also wrap the fudge itself inside the box. This doesn't mean the fudge won't soften, but it prevents our beautiful boxes from getting messy, and makes it so much easier for our customers to bring the fudge back to normal temperature. The best part about all of this is that after testing our newly wrapped fudge in shipments to our loyal and repeat customers we have been told that our fudge is so much creamier and softer now, and keeping it wrapped helps it stay soft and creamy!

As noted on the new postcard that accompanies all of our fudges, if the fudge softens in transit just put it in the freezer to let it cool down. Once you take it out and return it to room temperature it can last for months without refrigeration, and keeping it wrapped will help it stay softer for longer. Softening in transit won't harm or negatively impact the fudge at all. Fudge also freezes incredibly well - you could stock up and keep extra in the freezer for 6 months to a year if you wanted and once it comes back to room temperature you would never know the difference between previously-frozen fudge and fresh fudge.

We hope this change makes our product even more enjoyable for all of our customers. We will continue to always wrap our individual fudge pieces now that we know how well it works, even when it's not summer. Thank you for voicing your opinions, and for giving us the opportunity to learn from them.

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