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Where Our Goat Milk Fudge Is Made

Our goat milk fudge is made on our beautiful farm located in Londonderry, Vermont. In many ways the farm looks exactly like you would expect an historic Vermont farm to look. We have around 200 acres of space here, surrounded by several mountains, with two fresh, clean rivers framing the borders of the property, bounded mostly by conservation land and the Green Mountain National Forest. It's an absolutely stunning place to call home, and we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be able to live here.

The State of Vermont has been a wonderful place to live and grow - both because of its natural beauty but also because of how great the State itself has been to work with - giving us the freedom to establish ourselves and grow a business on this incredible farm. Our commercial kitchen was built in a space that was previously being used as guest housing - part of a modern addition to the ground floor of a farm house that was first built in the early 1800s. It allows us to work out of a space that's physically separated from our home while being able to remain on the property.

The property has two large, old, post-and-beam barns - one of which we hope to move the business into some day when it grows large enough. We restored some pasture when we first arrived, uncovering old stone walls that run along the borders of this reopened space into the woods, reminding us of the farm's history as a sheep farm in the 1800s.

Buster & Bella's Goat Milk Fudge
In the pasture areas that aren't grazed by our goats we've planted 20 acres of pollinator habitat to support local wildlife and ensure our bees have plenty to eat. When we stand still in these fields in the summer we can see and hear thousands of beneficial insects foraging around. The local animals seem to enjoy the space as well - this fall a flock of over 30 wild turkeys have taken up residence in one of the pastures, eating clover alongside the deer. All other sorts of animals have been coming around as well: moose, coyote, black bear, red fox, porcupine, snowshoe hare, bobcat, ermines and more. Dozens of species of birds live here too, from the overwintering Dark-Eyed Juncos to the flocks of Pine Siskins stopping by to pick through dried seed heads and scores of Gold Finches hopping from yellow primrose plants to mullein spires to stock up for winter.

The pristine air, water and land that surrounds us and supports so much life is truly inspiring. We believe all that natural beauty works its way into our products, making them as special as the space they're created in. It pushes us to make products using the best ingredients possible, in a clean, stunning environment. We're grateful for every day that we are able to grow here and call this our home, and we hope that our joy comes through in the products we are able to share with all of our customers.
Vermont Goat Milk
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