Ingredient Changes & New Fudge Flavor!

Ingredient Changes & New Fudge Flavor!

What a busy summer we had on the farm! We have been so busy preparing for the upcoming holiday season while also redeveloping some of our fudges. As you may or not be aware, many of our white fudges used white chocolate as one of the main ingredients. We used the white chocolate to help bring all the other ingredients together and to help with product stability during transit. It took us many months of redevelopment but we are excited to announce that we are no longer using white chocolate in any of our fudges!

The reason that we chose to discontinue the use of the white chocolate is because every single brand of it is made with either palm oil, or soy lecithin (a major allergen for many people). There are zero options to purchase white chocolate commercially without these ingredients in the USA unfortunately. The other problem is that all the white chocolate also contains powdered cows milk in a small amount. This didn't work for us as our goal is to keep our products focused around goat milk and other healthier options like reduced sugar and sugar free (which we are still developing). All of our amazing chocolate based fudges that use cocoa mass have gone unchanged.

What we found out over several months or testing is that all the flavors in our fudge because enhanced once we removed the white chocolate. It was hard for us to believe but the white chocolate actually muted all the delicious flavors rather then enhance them. The texture of all our white fudges is now creamier and less "chewy" so it melts in your mouth easier. We are extremely pleased with the results and our blind taste testers have been also. 100% of our lucky blind taste testers said that the new fudges without the white chocolate tasted so much better.

We also want to extend summer a little bit and offer our newest exciting flavor: Toasted Coconut Cream Goat Milk Fudge! It's absolutely incredible and we were inspired by the flavors of those crunchy coconut donuts you can get in a package at gas stations all across the country. It's pure coconut bliss!

Like most other companies we learn as we grow. We will always strive to make our products better and couldn't do it without any of you. Stay tuned for some of the holiday flavors we are working on and thank you as always for being our customer!

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