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Happenings On The Farm

  • Why Is Goat Milk Good For You?

    Why Is Goat Milk Good For You?
    One question that we are often asked by potential customers on our website is: "why do you use goat milk to make your fudge and not cow's milk"?. T...
  • Where Our Goat Milk Fudge Is Made

    Vermont Goat Milk Fudge
    Our goat milk fudge is made on our beautiful farm located in Londonderry, Vermont. In many ways the farm looks exactly like you would expect an his...
  • Spinach Explosion Pizza

    Spinach Explosion Pizza
    While we end up spending most of our time making fudge for our customers and tending to the farm, when we do have some spare time we love to cook a...
  • Ingredient Changes & New Fudge Flavor!

    Ingredient Changes & New Fudge Flavor!
    What a busy summer we had on the farm! We have been so busy preparing for the upcoming holiday season while also redeveloping some of our fudges. A...
  • Our Oldest Goat - Cookie

    Our Oldest Goat - Cookie
    We would like to introduce all of you today to a very special lady: our oldest goat, Cookie.We adopted Cookie well more than a decade ago when she ...
  • Penuche Goat Milk Fudge

    Penuche Goat Milk Fudge
    When we first started making fudge each of us had our favorite flavors that we knew we needed to perfect. They were the classics: Chocolate, Chocol...
  • RECIPE: Banana Skillet Brown Butter Pancake

    Banana Skilled Brown Butter Pancake
    Unfortunately we can't sell pancakes through the internet, but we can share recipes so that our followers can get a little inspiration to make thei...
  • How Our Goat Milk Fudge Is Made

    How Our Goat Milk Fudge Is Made
    It all comes down to the freshest, most delicious Vermont goat milk. Our fudge simply couldn't exist without it. That's where our one of a kind fla...
  • Fudge Packaging Changes For Summer Heat

    Fudge Packaging Changes For Summer Heat
    We had absolutely no idea just how finnicky fudge can be until we started running a fudge-making company. We would settle on a recipe only to find ...
  • A Convent Full of Goats

    A Convent Full of Goats
    It should come as no surprise to anyone that we love our goats. Every goat is different, has their own unique personality and of course their own n...
  • How to Capture a Swarm of Honey Bees!

    Honey bees on comb
    The weather has remained fairly cool here in Londonderry, with the trees yet to open their buds and only a few early flowers coming up. The Snowdro...
  • Spring Doings

    Spring at Timberland
    Spring is such an exciting time of year! We spend all winter waiting and waiting, dreaming up the things we just can’t wait to get started on. Then...
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