Our Oldest Goat - Cookie

Our Oldest Goat - Cookie

We would like to introduce all of you today to a very special lady: our oldest goat, Cookie.

We adopted Cookie well more than a decade ago when she was just a few weeks old and needed to be bottle fed. We were living in Rhode Island at the time and were beginning our plans to form our previous company. That company - Legend's Creek Farm - which produces thousands of pounds of goat milk soap each year has since been acquired by a family out west. We used that once in a lifetime opportunity so that we could move to Vermont and start our adventures in goat milk fudge (and soon to be many more products). We had never raised goats before beginning with Cookie and her sisters. It was a steep learning curve but was so rewarding. We couldn't imagine life without having our herd in it. They are part of the family!

We adopted her alongside two of her sisters: Taffy and Francine. At the time we had a barn with a lean-to off one end, and a roof that extended all the way down to the ground. The three ladies would climb up on to the roof and run from one end to the other, over onto the house roof, dancing along the ridge as they went.

Our herd grew quickly, but Cookie was always the queen. Every time we introduced new goats Cookie would make sure they knew the pecking order - with her at the top! Around us though, she has always been one of the sweetest and most affectionate goats. To this day she still goes out of her way to make sure she gets scratches and kisses on the forehead whenever we visit.

She's was always an excellent milker, and a wonderful mother to her kids. We stopped breeding and milking her about 4 years ago so she could enjoy her later years without the stress and potential complications that come along with pregnancy during old-age. As she's grown older you can tell she's getting a bit creaky (like all of us), and her daughter Dolores has assumed her throne as queen of the herd. We always make sure she has some extra grain in the winter, and if we bring over treats we make sure she gets a bit more than the other goats just as our way of saying thank you for bringing us so much joy over the many years we have been fortunate enough to have her.

Of all the different farms she has lived with us, we think this one in Vermont is her favorite - so much open space and different plants to eat. Our favorite thing about Cookie is that she knows her name (as do all of our smart goats). We always call to her from afar by yelling "Cookie Cookie", and she responds with her usual goat-mumble. She will always hold a special place in our heart, and we're so happy to share her story with you!

Aden Mott

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