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FACTS ABOUT OUR HONEY - PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING - Every bottle of honey we sell is 100% raw. We use specialized equipment that allows us to bottle our honey without superheating it which will destroy all of the good things in the honey in the process.  Because our honey is not heated and is natural it is prone to crystallization. The only way to stop honey from crystallizing is by super heating it. When purchasing our honey it is likely that you will received honey that is crystallizing but this does not alter the taste in any way. We perform several harvests during the season which results in honey that tastes completely different from the last harvest. If you order multiple bottles we will try to mix up the honey so you receive a bottle from different harvests. This may mean that you receive bottles that may or may not be crystallized. We are unable to honor requests for specific honey and will ship from whichever box we have open and ready to go.

After raising bees for almost 15 years in other states, we thought beekeeping in Vermont might be a challenge due to the long winters. As we met fellow beekeepers, however, they all gave us the same friendly advice: make sure your hives are surrounded by electric wire before spring! Why? Bears of course!

We heeded their advice and crossed our fingers that our bees would make the same delicious honey we had grown accustomed to at our last farm. Once spring finally arrived the bees delivered and then some! We quickly learned that Vermont’s long winters led to a massive explosion of growth – painting the landscape and mountains green as well as every other color. The bees couldn’t have been happier, and we were able to harvest the more honey in our first season here than ever before!

The flavor has been absolutely incredible as well – the massive variety of flowers the bees get to visit produce a honey that is complex and floral while still being light and sweet. Our favorite way to enjoy it is straight out of the jar, savoring the flavors from so many different flowers – sweet goldenrod, black locust, blueberry, milkweed, clover, meadowsweet, basswood and sweet pepperbush just to name a few! But it also works beautifully paired with cheese, in tea, spread over toast with abundant butter and even for making recipes – like the honey-based fudge we have been perfecting.

We hope you are as excited as we are to taste this honey – the bees worked hard for it – so we truly hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


All products are produced in a facility that processes nuts and may contain traces of ALL varieties of nuts including peanuts. Our kitchen also processes fresh goat milk.

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